Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Standard rate is $150 per serve.


Do you serve on weekends and holidays?

All services will be attempted on the weekdays. If there is a time crunch, we will serve on the weekend and or if that is the only time we can reach the person needing to be served.  Service on holidays will be on a case-to-case basis although no service on major holidays will be done.


What happens if you have difficulty serving the papers?


If the person being served is uncooperative, we will continue to try to serve them as long as there is still time.  If our attempts have failed, your payment will be returned and the court will be notified and other options will be discussed.


What towns do you serve to?

The Hamptons and the North Fork, all of Suffolk and Nassau Counties  


How will I know when the papers are served?

You will be contacted as soon as service is made via text and email.

I need to get the papers notarized; do you offer that service as well? 

We will notarize the paperwork as well; it is included in the total price.

What if I need two or more sets of papers delivered and served to the same person will it be an extra charge?

No extra charge, if it’s the same person the cost is $150 if served at the same time.


Do you pick the papers up to be served or do I have to mail them to you?

If there is ample time to serve the papers, you can mail them but if time is limited, we can arrange to have them picked up.


If I need you to testify in court will you do so and is there an extra fee?

We are available to appear in court, but there will be an extra charge.


Do you have a military discount?

Yes, all military personnel can have papers served for $25 off. The total for military personnel is $125.